Review of a CD 3



You get in your hands a cd which in its envelopment is great. Now that everybody has got an i-pod and listens only to mp3, handling a cd is just a pleasure for antiquaries. Not a plastic packing (eco-un-friendly) but red cardboard and a graphically perfect booklet. This puirsit for perfection tries to pass from the extern to the content. Aulicino’s 12 songs aim at a clear sound and at the common goal that all songwriters share: telling a story, emotioning, empathize. Aulicino partially reaches this objective.

The beginning is deceitful: the first track, “Ov-Est” is great. An atmosphere which recalls Franco Battiato and a voice which reminds of Pau of Negrita. Pleasant echoes, not heavy similiarties.  But then, songs like “Tu Paradiso” and “Sono Innamorato” badly run into classical melodical Italian pop. Not much originality, especially in the lyrics. Dream, love, heart: words which repeat themselves in a loop that can last even 45 minutes and that make you forget the first well-done song. It seems like being listening to a great songwriter who waste his talent with silly songs. A further gold-fingered Alex Britti who just creates summer hits.

What a waste! Songs like “Ov-Est” and “Fuga” are really good. Only two songs among 14 tracks written and performed exclusively by Aulicino. Is this just an istance?

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