Why Chez Bu?

Well, every respectful beginning must get you into the general idea of the whole aim of a project. To be simple and clear, you cannot follow this blog if you don’t know who is behind this html language.
Chez Bu is a couple of words which sum up my origins, i. e. who I am. My mother is half French and, in this sense, I’ve always liked the condition of ambiguity an immigrant lives. Being someone elsewhere than your country is scaring and fascinating at the same time. Moreover, the preposition chez reminds of restaurants and food is one of the few pleasures of life I’m fond of. The other word, Bu is just my nickname. It comes from butriona, a dialectal term which in Arezzo, my town, refers to a fat peasant who is strictly bounded to her fields. Actually I love my town and Tuscany in general: I’ve got a deep esprit de clocher.

That’s just a brief explanation of the title of this blog where I will put all my articles on music that I publish in Italian in the website Rockit and that I will translate here into English.