Article defining Digital Health Communication

Finally online the article defining “Digital Health Communication”.

A large overview of digital tools assisting researchers and policy-makers in their knowledge transfer process.

I am glad of this collaboration with Will Stahl-Timmins, Lise Monneraud and Tobias Kurth.

Full article in English and in French available here:



Registrations are open for our two-day course on Digital Health Communication.

This course will help you understand how to communicate health research in the digital environment using various digital tools. From online scientific publication to data visualization and digital storytelling, you will acquire in-depth knowledge on existing opportunities to disseminate your scientific work.

This course is the result of the fruitful collaboration with the three other instructors:

Rachid SALMI, MD, PhD – Professor of Public Health (University of Bordeaux)

Lise MONNERAUD, PhD – Project Manager (University of Bordeaux)

Will STAHL-TIMMINS, PhD – Interactive Data Graphics Designer (The British Medical Journal)

Information on the full program is available here

Mental health-related digital use by university students: a systematic review.

The internet and new technologies are widely used by students and represent a significant resource to them for mental health information and support.

But are they really using it? And how?

We conducted a systematic review to summarize and critique studies of mental health-related digital use (including purposes, advantages, and barriers) by students worldwide, in order to support the implementation of future digital mental health interventions targeting university students.

Thanks Aine Horgan for our long-lasting collaboration!

And thanks to Emmanuelle Floch Galaud and Mélanie Plazy for helping us with the systematic review methodology.

Three of the co-authors of this article are Institut de santé publique, d’épidémiologie et de développement (ISPED) students (projet tutoré).

Discover more about students’ mental health-related digital use by reading our manuscript!