I love dancing
Sfogarsi su qualsiasi musica, dalla classica all’hip-hop.
Farsi bastare il ritmo, i battiti delle casse dritte dentro lo stomaco.
Muoversi secondo l’istinto.
I love watching people dancing
Non i professionisti che danzano sulle punte seguendo dei passi prestabiliti.
Guardare le amiche scatenarsi, muoversi come pare a loro.
Dare il proprio senso alla musica.

I’d like dancing on my own song: HAPPINESS AND NO FEARS

How can a man like you
be interested in a girl like me?
but there’s a strange chemistry between you and me
and I just like it
searching for my hips you put your eyes on me

RIT. Imaging there’s no sky above us
Imaging that the sun is under the earth
we’ve got only one word to express what we feel
and this feeling is about happiness and no fears

Come on, dance with me, dance with me
here is my body under your control
tell me if you can feel the groove
pretty girls ‘round you but tonight I own you
turn the volume down, there’s our music on


We’re just making it, we’re just composing it
can you hear it? it’s so passionate
touch me again, just hold me in your embrace
you fit in with me, it’s all that I need
A man near me who can fulfill my fantasy


We’re just bursting into flames
tonight I can let you fake
I don’t care who you are
If you’re a star or a lyer
you’re just making it so good