Review of a CD 10


Fiori Del Male

The reference to Baudelaire could seem banal, but Ottodix, pseudonym of Alessandro Zannier, manages very well with a poignant text: Take my poison away, I can live without it, this decadent life which makes me so interesting. (“Tu toglimi il veleno, posso farne a meno, della vita decadente che mi ha reso interessante”). But then the rendition into music is not convincing at all. Too many references to the rythms of David Bowie and of Depeche Mode, but in Italian all seem too forced. Mixing electronical music, songwriting and italian melodies is something few elected people can do. Ottodix does it only partially. It seems to be in front of a Bluvertigo‘s copy. But you know, there is only one Morgan.

The piano version of  “Invisibile”is better: it is without synths and special effects (as the 80’s riverber) that Ottodix does his best showing a winning voice.

Original Italian version on ROCKIT: