Design Thinking: does it work in research?

Two new publications from my research activities at the Bordeaux Population Health research center. Participatory research approaches and co-creation are in the limelight. Is design thinking good or bad for researchers and study participants?

1. Montagni I (2018). Does design thinking really work? Views on co-creation practices in research, XXI Congrès de la SFSIC « Création, Créativité et Médiations », Paris (France), 13-15 Juin 2018.

2. Montagni I, Koman J, Lhomme E, Tzourio C, The Sécupliqué Team (2018). Efficacy of an online video to promote health insurance literacy among students. ESSACHESS – Journal for Communication Studies, vol 11, n 1(21): 29-48.