Registrations are open for our two-day course on Digital Health Communication.

This course will help you understand how to communicate health research in the digital environment using various digital tools. From online scientific publication to data visualization and digital storytelling, you will acquire in-depth knowledge on existing opportunities to disseminate your scientific work.

This course is the result of the fruitful collaboration with the three other instructors:

Rachid SALMI, MD, PhD – Professor of Public Health (University of Bordeaux)

Lise MONNERAUD, PhD – Project Manager (University of Bordeaux)

Will STAHL-TIMMINS, PhD – Interactive Data Graphics Designer (The British Medical Journal)

Information on the full program is available here


Assignment 6

Everybody knows how much I love internet and being connected. Anyway, reading this article by Stephen Downes, the first thing that has come up to my mind is: trolls. You can find the definition of this word here. More than anywhere, on the net you risk to find people who take part into a conversation just in order to be annoying and irritating. And some other people just comment on your posts or works, by being bad and even offensive. The absolute freedom of the net is just like the free will. If God has made all of us free to be bad or good, well, even on the net we can apply this freedom…But sometimes this freedom scares me a lot. There are some trolls that hurt me a lot with their comments on my notes, reviews and posts. Connection is freedom and freedom is sometimes translatable into cruelty…

This is the reason why I write my very personal thoughts  on facebook where only my friends can comment…

Assignment 1 (appropriate title)

Assignment 1: the best title ever for what I will be writing in this 200 words. The word assignment together with a number: food for  thought… Being a student means just being a machine which must produce regularly and efficaciously. I don’t see much difference with any working experience. You produce and you get a number: a mark if you’re a student, a pay envelope if you’re a worker. In this capitalistic side of the world, only money seems to matter.

I’m not protesting against this particular “homework” I have to do for my university career. I love writing and there is no better thing for me than spending some time typing words on my best friend’s eyes (i.e. my MacBook). I just can’t stand the fact that knowledge can be quantified. I spend almost 25 hours par week in class for a total of 5 exams which corresponds to 35 “credits”. It is just as in Wesch’s video: numbers, assigmnents, numbers, assigments againa and again… I don’t get any emotional approach to what I’m pretending to learn.

Maybe it’s better to talk to my friends on FB. They really know what’s inside my heart and not what is on the surface of my brain.