what’s writing in the web for me

If you know me just a little bit, you know that I love words. Their sound but especially how they can touch you, both if they’re uttered and if they’re written. I’ve even written two books, but they rest completely asleep in my hardware. Unpublished. Nobody wants to publish if you’re not famous. And, obviously, you cannot become famous if nobody publishes you.

I’d like to transform my passion for writing into a job, but it is impossible. I’ve resigned to the idea that  I won’t make a living with my novels. But internet gives me the chance to make my works widespread. I’ll put my two books here in this blog. You will be able to download them in a pdf format and I’d really like to know what you think about them. I want at least to have my dream partially come true. I want others to read what I write. In this sense, I’m fully aware the web is so powerful.
I hope you’ll be more careful than publishing houses…


8 thoughts on “what’s writing in the web for me

  1. è un po’ adolescenziale come libro…
    tipo moccia versione pseudo-impegnata…
    naturalmente, mi fa schifo, però ci sono delle frasi che sento parecchio mie

  2. I’ve downloaded your books. I promise I will read them 😛 it will take years but I’ll read them! Watch it, because I can be mean when I judge books, but totally honest.

  3. ummmh, i have a couple of friends who has published their book. One of them writes thrillers and sent his works to everyone in Florence and over, before someone decided to gave him an opportunity. With Polistampa he managed! The oter friend of mine, published his book (a kind of auto-biographic novel) almost by himself: he find an “indipendent publishing house” inside the web, and in his own blog ask to his friend to tell everyone about his book. Don’t stop to dream, never! i would be curious about your books and i would buy them, i think that all your friends would do that, and if they like them they give your books to other friends as a Christmas gift, saying that they are so pride to know the author, and in a little time you will be famous 😉 have a nice weekend

  4. thanks a lot egocentricamente. You can find my books on the right side of this blog.
    I don’t want to sell them anymore. It’s not worth it.
    I won’t be a writer, that’s all. I will always write, but not to make a profit of it.
    thanx a lot and have a nice weekend, too!
    take care!

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