Review of a cd 11


Le isole dell’estatethumbnail1

The titletrack: three beautiful moments given as a gift. Only guitars, contrabass and a light singing on the background. Being humming but not banal and taking away from jazz any élitarian patina: this is the aim Francesco La Barbera wants to follow along the whole cd. The second song, “Amberle” tells of a sweet awekening while “The ending summer” pushes you inside the frenzy of a day which alternates moments of peace and war. The jazz becomes a way to describe the daily life. But the fact that this genre goes into a more “pop” world, implies a very good techinque by Francesco. His fingers runs thirstly on the strings: pizzicatos, arpeggios, a lot of inversions… Behind the immediacy of these 11 songs there is a great work.
You cannot miss”Lady Margareth”, “Il giorno buono” and “Spring”, good end for this magnifique cd. Francesco La Barbera is simply phenomenal.

Original Italian version on ROCKIT:


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