Reiew of a cd 13



This cd is like a traduction into music of the “esperanto”: different cultures and languages which mingle into a real thumbnail3musical Babele. There’s a lot of East culture in these 9 songs, especially in “Oasis” and in “Arabesque”. But also Southern United States’ jazz and mediterranean melodies. We are face to face with a complete fusion between free-jazz and arabic dances which play a lot with improvising and seduction. “Sweet Obsession” is the jewel of a well-played cd which is pleasant but too heavy in contents. The union itself of the music of the two opposite parts of the world has to be deeply understood before appreciating its originality. This cd goes beyond the multi-ethnical events and the jam sessions of musicians from all the world. Spontaneous and technical aspects together in a great new project. Wonderful clarinet: Gabriele Mirabassi.

Original Italian version on ROCKIT:


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