BMJ BLOG: back from the World Health Summit in Berlin

7SK_9321.JPGAt the recent World Health Summit in
Berlin I was invite
d as a discussant in a workshop on data sharing in Public Health Emergencies” organized by the Centre Virchow-Villermé.

The main points are available on this BMJ blog post.

Danke TK 🙂





From scientific to mainstream press

Screen time exposure and reporting of headaches in young adults: A cross-sectional study
Article published on Cephalalgia (5th November 2015)

Quand les écrans prennent la tête
Article published on Direct Matin Bordeaux 7 (13th January 2016)

Les écrans incriminés
Article published on Science & Santé (1st February 2016)

Temps passé sur les écrans : i-Share dévoile ses premiers résultats sur la santé des étudiants
Article published on the website of the Bordeaux Population Health Research Center



A shower of pure joy

JoyLive and let the others live
Vis et laisse vivre les autres
Vivi e lascia vivere

Do not judge me, do not tell me what do to
Do not tell me what I do wrong
I know I am not perfect
Do I tell you you are full of weaknesses?
Why do you put yourself on this throne made of false truths?

Let me explore love and its beauty
Do not corrupt my happiness
I am at the most of my joy in this moment of my life