Review of a CD 2

Four Fried Fish

Catfish for Breakfast

Take four great musicians all together and you get a wonderful band, the Four Fried Fish. Add then a wonderful section of winds, the Flyn’ Horns, and you can listen to an amazing cd. If you add to all this some famous guest-stars like the bluesman Marco Pandolfi, the wonderful singer Tiziana Guerra and the excellent musician Chinito Teremoto, you get a masterpiece.
“Catfish for Breakfast” is undoubtedly an important album for Italian jazz. First song:¬† “So Long” transforms your room into a barrelhouse in Chicago: the blue devils take their tool on you as only Albert Collins and Freddie King can do. “Homeway Blues” is a pure standard, both for the lyrics and the daring improvisations. Then facing the swing of “Blues for Mr. G” means getting in touch with the most √©litarian, fascinating and dicty jazz. Actually it is dedicated to one of the best jazz guitar player Michele Giacomazzi. From the wild dance you listen to a sexy atmosphere in “Making Love” and the crazier “Honey and bread” which is linked to the jam session “H5N1”. Tiziana Guerra shines with the cover “Three Cool Cats” by Lieber&Stroller where she whispers at the rhythm of the farfisa of Teremoto (a name, an omen). “Maybe a Man” is the perfect end to this full our of ten little masterpieces which bring you to the old South Side. In the end: a wonderful cd.

Original Italian version on ROCKIT: