Review of a CD 2

Four Fried Fish

Catfish for Breakfast

Take four great musicians all together and you get a wonderful band, the Four Fried Fish. Add then a wonderful section of winds, the Flyn’ Horns, and you can listen to an amazing cd. If you add to all this some famous guest-stars like the bluesman Marco Pandolfi, the wonderful singer Tiziana Guerra and the excellent musician Chinito Teremoto, you get a masterpiece.
“Catfish for Breakfast” is undoubtedly an important album for Italian jazz. First song:  “So Long” transforms your room into a barrelhouse in Chicago: the blue devils take their tool on you as only Albert Collins and Freddie King can do. “Homeway Blues” is a pure standard, both for the lyrics and the daring improvisations. Then facing the swing of “Blues for Mr. G” means getting in touch with the most élitarian, fascinating and dicty jazz. Actually it is dedicated to one of the best jazz guitar player Michele Giacomazzi. From the wild dance you listen to a sexy atmosphere in “Making Love” and the crazier “Honey and bread” which is linked to the jam session “H5N1”. Tiziana Guerra shines with the cover “Three Cool Cats” by Lieber&Stroller where she whispers at the rhythm of the farfisa of Teremoto (a name, an omen). “Maybe a Man” is the perfect end to this full our of ten little masterpieces which bring you to the old South Side. In the end: a wonderful cd.

Original Italian version on ROCKIT:


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