Review of a CD 1


Jade Shining

Sai che una volta non vuol dire niente. Sai che due volte non vuol dire sempre (transl: You know that once means nothing, You know that twice doesn’t mean always). You know that only five songs cannot and mustn’t label a band. Maybe in a 12 song album the Jade Shining could better express themselves, just showing something newer than a cover band of the Black Sabbath. Here the hints are scarce. Just at the end of the demo, with “Alba”, the Jade Shining respect their name and start glowing. Good lyrics (Un fiore che profuma di sangue, Colto da dita fredde, Bianche come il sale/ A flower which smells like blood, picked up by cold fingers, as white as the snow), a gloomy guitar riff and the voice which scratches and emerges. The rest is a delusion.

Original Italian review on ROCKIT:


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