Review of a CD 8


Viva La Muertethumbnail2

Welcome Madames et Monsieurs! Just enter the Kid Combo’s funfair! Does the crisis scare you? Let’s forget it looping the loop. Well, make the title of the cd the anthem of your life: Viva la Muerte! It’s compulsory to go and see the witch house: you will meet the spirits of the eleven protagonists of the eleven tracks of the album. Pirates and cowboys, ladies and complete strangers, heroes and bandits. All dead.

Let the music become theatre, cinema and litterature. Not only seven notes in loop. Just mingle punk and country with a flash of Bulgarian polyphonies like those of Goran Bregovic. Pay attention not to fall into the pirates’ trap. And beware! There should be some bullets. Just be enchanted by the histories of The Legendary Kid Combo and enjoy the death.

Just creating an entire cd on such a theme without being pessimistic and boring is simply phenomenal. A great cd thanks to its originality both for lyrics and melodies. An interesting band.

Original Italian article on ROCKIT:


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