The servi-Share project: first published article

Bordeaux, February 2017


I won in December 2015 a 50K euros project for the creation of a smartphone application geolocalising students health facilities in Bordeaux (project “servi-Share”).
Nested in the i-Share cohort its aim was to implement a web-based intervention aimed to facilitate students’ access to real-world healthcare services. The production of the web-application consisted of two main processes: co-creation and process evaluation involving academic staff, industry web-developers and two target stakeholder groups, i.e. university students and real-world healthcare services providers. The study used mixed qualitative and quantitative methods.
servi-Share was funded by AVIESAN, ITMO Santé Publique, ITMO Nouvelles technologies pour la santé, Call on “Objets connectés”.
Duration: 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016.

The first article on this project is available! Here it is on Research Protocols JMIR

Special thanks to deux degrés (Mathieu, Thomas and Cyril) and my wonderful stagiaires Jason Koman, Margaux Petropoulos, Mélodie Garcès et Béatrice Famin.


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