Assignment 4

What I’ve noticed so far is that in Bologna’s faculty things were a little bit different…. I actually payed twice as much, but the facilities fo students were four times better. I mean, we had in our building in Forlì for the SSLMIT a laboratory with 50 computers. We had free access to all websites and the University made us access to all the websites of translation and interpretation reviews. As for medicines online reviews, these websites were not for free, but with our university rates we were allowed to read them without paying anything. For my own thesis I consulted thousands of articles for free thanks to the service provided by Bologna’s Alma Mater Studiorum. Now that I am in Florence, I’ve noticed how it is difficult to even have access to the faculty’s website… I mean, there’ s no such freedom in reading and discovering articles which can interest us. If I want to read an article from the simple website of “Il Corriere della Sera”, I have to pay and this service is not covered by the faculty itself. Such a shame… I’m speechless…


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