Review of a CD 6



Songs which lay in your head and you can’t stop singing once you’ve listened to them. Direct songs which go straightly to your heart and stay inside you. A cd which tastes of ’80s, The Cure and even a bit of Depeche Mode. A formidable fusion of darkwave, funk and accordion: you can’t believe how extraordinary the result is. You want to dance and to stop thinking. I’ve never heard something similar: simple lyrics in loop which are as heavy as stones (Dreams mixed with clay and sun, dreams moved by the secret gun). You can’t imagine how armoniously mingle together elettrical guitars and accordion: a fabolous neofolk. In “Circle” the voice is very beautiful, but the masterpiece is, with no doubts, “Breaking On Me”.

The Gosh offer light effects in their live performances. Sounds and lights dancing together at the rythm of “Jacknife”. New music. That’s all. It’s one of those cds which go beyond the élite. You don’t have to be a fan of the Joy Division to understand their essence. A magnifique product.

You can find the original Italian version on ROCKIT:


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