Assignment 5

It’s all Yolanda’s fault!!!! She’s been the first of my friends to use Facebook. She even found a boyfriend in Milan thanks to FB!  At the beginning I wasn’t really interested in this thing… It seemed all so blurred. Then, I started using the chat and the private messages tools. I must say that my life has changed! I mean, my wallet is now very happy that I don’t have to spend lots of cents every day to call my friends or send them a text. I’m not using my phone anymore. I always hated to have something on me to be traced everywhere. Now, I only have to log in FB and check if someone needs me… What’s more is that I can create public events like the sponsorship of local concerts and meetings, which is wonderful as I work for a Festival! We have even create a system inside fb in order to book the tickets for some music performances. And what about the pics? I can upload my photos and share them tagging my friends: we can comment them as if we were chatting together on a sofa!

To be truly truly true, I love facebook for its free games! Try to challenge me in WordChallenge and Pet Society!


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