Review of a CD 5


Città di uomini

A pleasant cd. Not very bad, not very good. Very easy melodies and lyrics. thumbnail2It seems like a short encyclopedia of reggae music. An album which takes a lot of clichés of reggaetime with no real innovations. There’s something of Bob Marley and a bit of Giuliano Palma’s ska. The themes are typical of the roots’ style: the fight against the greedy society (True and false mingle in society. If you can discern you become a dangerous figure… Only power is the ambition of the politician), critics of the war (There’s no war in the name of God. He would never allowed them. There are only wars in the name of business!)  and love, of course (Now I would like to touch your face. Live this romantic dream. Please don’t wake me up). Clear sounds, nice female chorus and regular rhythms: these are the qualities of “Come to conquer”, the best track of the album.

Twelve good songs, but not so original.

Original Italian version on ROCKIT:


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