Review of a cd 4


Che vuoi che sia

If the first album by Post were limited to three songs (“Come posso”, “Esercizio di stile” and “Zeta”), we will be able to listen to a music jewel. These are three rock pearls which give evidence to a very original voice. The singer Gio Franco shows something new with particular melodies and scratching tones. It is up to him- and to beautiful lyrics and pleasant guitar riffs- the fact that these three songs are catchy but never plain.

Unfortunately, all is lost in the other tracks. Too many computer sounds and no balance between guitars and violins. Some chorus are too banal (like in “Che vuoi che sia”) and some melodies are too plain (listen to “Rosicchiando” and “Corre”). What a waste: we hope for a better cd next time.

Original Italian Version on ROCKIT:


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