Review of a cd 14



Cecilia is all but not a butterfly. When a song is beautiful and gets inside you, it does it violently, so strongly that you cannot stop crying. The warm voice of Cecilia actually goes gently into your ears, but it is like a rock on your soul. This goes with tracks such as “Papillon” and “Ombra”, but also the other brasilian and latin songs with jazz rhythms. A faboulous and perfect techinque. When you listen to Cecilia, it seems like being face to face to a musical singer, but Cecilia’s voice doesn’t disappear in an immense theatre, but she dedicates her show while you’re sitting on your sofa drinking some red wine.

Lascivious and deep, with only one lacking aspect: the English pronunciation in “Dance With Me” should be revised. So, it’s better to “only” sing in French, Portuguese and Italian. Isn’t it enough?

Original Italian version on ROCKIT:


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