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At tha age of 23, Gaspare De Vito stopped playing in order to become a designer. Then he re-started playing sax in 2005, in Barcellona, getting close to the Cuban music which is continuously echoed in “Passing Notes”. De Vito uses his instruments by exploiting all the musical nuances: from the darker cante hondo to the growls, the harder and boiling sounds, in order to get to the main characteristic of the whole cd: the Cuban ocha, music and religion mixed together. And the ocha is just known as the union of African rhythms and the South American ones, “The Fish From London” is a perfect exemple of it.

Warm, dry notes, minimalism. “Passing Notes” is the celebration of De Vito’s art who has arranged and composed these nine tracks. In fact there are a lot of  breaks, the cd on the whole does not give space to the orchestration. Flute and sax are the absolute protagonists in their thousands of uses: water and air sounds in “Sunrise (First Day)”, to the African flavour of “Morning Prayer” til the funeral “Too Easy To Love”. Not to mention the seduction, maybe the eros, of the alluring “Looking For The Roots”.

If you love sax, “Passing Notes” is a masterpiece. Those who love mainstream jazz maybe fill find it too essential. It is actually a very good cd.

Original Italian version on ROCKIT:


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