Giving it a try – Lent 2013

Paris, Carême 2013

I’ll wake up everyday with a smile upon my face.
I’ll bless each moment of happiness spent with my children, babysitting, giving English lessons, teaching Catechism.
I won’t complain about my work, but thank God for the opportunity of being here in Paris to understand with Him how beautiful it is to be lost in His arms.
I’ll pray for those who have hurt me. I’ll pray for those I don’t like. I’ll pray for those I love with all my heart.
I’ll dance all the time. I’ll try to conciliate my messed-up head with my ill-treated body.
I’ll sing all the notes in my mind. Music always gives me Your peace.
I’ll try to love myself and be more confident.
I’ll try not to forget, but to always forgive.
I’ll try to live day by day, with no fixed plans, being sure that Love is always requited. Never say never.

I’ll try to walk in the steps of my mother who is always in my heart…

je t’aimerai pour toujours maman



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