DeauvilleDeauville-Trouville Août 2013

I’m like water. I flow and never rest. If I stop in some “impasses” I just become a pond. If I wait for something to come only pollution and waste are brought by my waves. I never hope for the future because my life is now. If I get on with my smooth movement I can clean my whole dirty past. I am not such a disaster anyhow.
I’m water and it ain’t matter if I can’t swim. I’m so free to flow independently from anything, from anyone. You can give me different names but my essence is always the same. I am pure and simple, if you’re thirsty you just have to drink me a bit. I give life to the fishes but I do exist even without them. I just give and want nothing in return.
Flowing everywhere, I’m water, I’m not air. Despite my name.



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