Review of a cd 11


Le isole dell’estatethumbnail1

The titletrack: three beautiful moments given as a gift. Only guitars, contrabass and a light singing on the background. Being humming but not banal and taking away from jazz any élitarian patina: this is the aim Francesco La Barbera wants to follow along the whole cd. The second song, “Amberle” tells of a sweet awekening while “The ending summer” pushes you inside the frenzy of a day which alternates moments of peace and war. The jazz becomes a way to describe the daily life. But the fact that this genre goes into a more “pop” world, implies a very good techinque by Francesco. His fingers runs thirstly on the strings: pizzicatos, arpeggios, a lot of inversions… Behind the immediacy of these 11 songs there is a great work.
You cannot miss”Lady Margareth”, “Il giorno buono” and “Spring”, good end for this magnifique cd. Francesco La Barbera is simply phenomenal.

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Review of a CD 9



An ordinary name, a demo given almost brutely: a cd with a title written with a pen and a faded booklet, “home-made”. Horrible first impression. But when the stereo swallows the cd and hides its simplicistic aspect, the Med in Itali show an unexpected perfection. Precise harmonies, lyrics which are easily memorized and a wonderful voice. They mix rock and jazz in a new unidentified genre. It’s not manieristic swing and neither minimalistic blues. It’s not easy to define their music if with only one word: magnfique! We need more songs. The Med in Itali must give us a full album.

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Assignment 4

What I’ve noticed so far is that in Bologna’s faculty things were a little bit different…. I actually payed twice as much, but the facilities fo students were four times better. I mean, we had in our building in Forlì for the SSLMIT a laboratory with 50 computers. We had free access to all websites and the University made us access to all the websites of translation and interpretation reviews. As for medicines online reviews, these websites were not for free, but with our university rates we were allowed to read them without paying anything. For my own thesis I consulted thousands of articles for free thanks to the service provided by Bologna’s Alma Mater Studiorum. Now that I am in Florence, I’ve noticed how it is difficult to even have access to the faculty’s website… I mean, there’ s no such freedom in reading and discovering articles which can interest us. If I want to read an article from the simple website of “Il Corriere della Sera”, I have to pay and this service is not covered by the faculty itself. Such a shame… I’m speechless…

Intellectual Property

I think my downloadable books you can find on the right side of my blog talk for themselves.

I do approve the concept of free and open source, but I still have some doubts… I mean… I’m sure of the fact that ideas in the abstract and books, music (and even film documentary 🙂   )etc… in practice should be ABSOLUTELY FREE. But at the same time, I don’t know if this is ECONOMICALLY POSSIBLE. I would like to become a singer and I really would like to give everybody my music for free, but if I do this, how will I earn a living? The same for my knack for writing. At the moment I’m writing CD reviews just for art’s sake. I’m working as a translator in order to pay the university rates…

Well, what I’m afraid of is that the professions of writer, musician or movie-maker could even disappear. Everybody will be able to write, sing or direct a movie, but only for pleasure and not as a job…


I’m really in two minds….

Here it is a nice comics my Prof. suggested us:

what’s writing in the web for me

If you know me just a little bit, you know that I love words. Their sound but especially how they can touch you, both if they’re uttered and if they’re written. I’ve even written two books, but they rest completely asleep in my hardware. Unpublished. Nobody wants to publish if you’re not famous. And, obviously, you cannot become famous if nobody publishes you.

I’d like to transform my passion for writing into a job, but it is impossible. I’ve resigned to the idea that  I won’t make a living with my novels. But internet gives me the chance to make my works widespread. I’ll put my two books here in this blog. You will be able to download them in a pdf format and I’d really like to know what you think about them. I want at least to have my dream partially come true. I want others to read what I write. In this sense, I’m fully aware the web is so powerful.
I hope you’ll be more careful than publishing houses…

Review of a CD 2

Four Fried Fish

Catfish for Breakfast

Take four great musicians all together and you get a wonderful band, the Four Fried Fish. Add then a wonderful section of winds, the Flyn’ Horns, and you can listen to an amazing cd. If you add to all this some famous guest-stars like the bluesman Marco Pandolfi, the wonderful singer Tiziana Guerra and the excellent musician Chinito Teremoto, you get a masterpiece.
“Catfish for Breakfast” is undoubtedly an important album for Italian jazz. First song:  “So Long” transforms your room into a barrelhouse in Chicago: the blue devils take their tool on you as only Albert Collins and Freddie King can do. “Homeway Blues” is a pure standard, both for the lyrics and the daring improvisations. Then facing the swing of “Blues for Mr. G” means getting in touch with the most élitarian, fascinating and dicty jazz. Actually it is dedicated to one of the best jazz guitar player Michele Giacomazzi. From the wild dance you listen to a sexy atmosphere in “Making Love” and the crazier “Honey and bread” which is linked to the jam session “H5N1”. Tiziana Guerra shines with the cover “Three Cool Cats” by Lieber&Stroller where she whispers at the rhythm of the farfisa of Teremoto (a name, an omen). “Maybe a Man” is the perfect end to this full our of ten little masterpieces which bring you to the old South Side. In the end: a wonderful cd.

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Review of a CD 1


Jade Shining

Sai che una volta non vuol dire niente. Sai che due volte non vuol dire sempre (transl: You know that once means nothing, You know that twice doesn’t mean always). You know that only five songs cannot and mustn’t label a band. Maybe in a 12 song album the Jade Shining could better express themselves, just showing something newer than a cover band of the Black Sabbath. Here the hints are scarce. Just at the end of the demo, with “Alba”, the Jade Shining respect their name and start glowing. Good lyrics (Un fiore che profuma di sangue, Colto da dita fredde, Bianche come il sale/ A flower which smells like blood, picked up by cold fingers, as white as the snow), a gloomy guitar riff and the voice which scratches and emerges. The rest is a delusion.

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Is this the end of any freedom?

ROCKIT is now facing a bizarre situation set off by a simple video you can find here on the right side of the homepage.
The use of the expression Do It Yourself by the journalist, vj and writer Carlo Pastore has created a real fuss about the role of this MTV vj who is not alleged- critics say- to express an indie concept as he works for a commercial network.
Fans, journalists and musicians have created a huge discussion on this theme which regards a wider field: the democracy of speaking.
Here below all the links concerning this controversy.